Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Live Fire Test

OK, here's the latest - I called Browning to discuss why their rifles have this problem with ejection, and how I managed to get the only 2 with this problem.

Here is the explanation I got -

We designed them to not eject a live round, but to be able to tell the difference in weight so they WILL eject an empty case. I then asked him why that's not stated anywhere in the owners manual that came with the firearm, guess what, he didn't know why.

OK, I'm a reasonable individual, so I went out and shot it, and as you can clearly see in the new video, an empty case is not ejected (maybe its internal scale needs to be re-calibrated)


  1. I have been thinking about getting a new bolt action rifle, and like the looks of the Browning, but after seeing the ejection malfunction, I think I will look for a bolt action repeater that actually functions as a repeater, instead of a single shot. Thanks for pointing this flaw out.

  2. Wow I thought Browning made better quality stuff than that!
    I have been considering getting an X bolt but will reconsider it and stick with a Savage!


  3. What a piece of CRAP! I will buy a Remmington instead of the Browning I was looking at! I suggest you do to!

  4. i read on a thread somewhere that had the same problem with their magnums, it would not eject for them and upon contacting browning they admitted they had that problem with the magnums they worked it out and worked after here is a link
    hope this helps,

  5. please leave me a message at
    if you get this problem resolved as i am still looking to get the xbolt 30-06 since i have heard and read great reviews about it, and your video is making me a little iffy, but if its only a magnum problem then i will still get it due to great reviews

  6. I recently pruchased an x-bolt "white gold madellion" in .300 wsm . I bought the rifle in Ontario Canada...and paid very decent coin for it, plus I had to wait for a few months to receive it.Chris, mine is doing the :exact" same thing (ejection problem and cartridge lying in the throat of the chamber)...and like yours,if I pull the bolt back slowly,and I mean will then eject the cartridge only to say "it plops out".I've been a loyal Browning buyer for years...I own a browning pump shot gun,two browning auto fives,a BLR chambered in .300 WSM as well as other gear.
    Please keep us informed as to what happens from here on ,moving forward.
    I am very very disappointed that Browning is reacting this way.They should step up to the plate and rectify the problem.
    I am calling Browning myself and having a chat with them...if I don't like what I hear...All my Browning attire will be up for sale...
    p.s. just for the record.A friend of mine has purchased an x-bolt in 300 wsm (madellion)...we tried his rifle and low and did the same thing too...did not eject at nomal retraction speed...but would eject when we pulled the bolt back slowly...There u go.

  7. I don't know what's going on with Browning and the X-Bolt.
    My 300 wsm is doing the same thing as the others...should Browning put out a recall on the "famous" x-bolt...I'd say many guy's are having the same issue and problem...

  8. I too purchased a Browning 300 wsm in a Stainless Steel Stalker. The gun would not eject the shells either. The dealer replaced the gun after 3 months. The replacement gun properly ejected the shells, until I put my scope on it. The gun has a high ejection angle and impacts the windage turret on the scope. The scope manufacturer claims it is a rifle problem with the high ejection angle. I'm presently trying to get a different caliber. I would not recommend this particular caliber 300 wsm in the Browning to anyone.

  9. I notticed the trend about fifteen years ago. Whoever took charge of Browning (and I mean globally) managed to lower the quality ( rising the price of everything) to the point that some guns/products are really unusable trash....that it is sold outrageously expensive attending to what you expect and what do you get. They even managed to fuck up the Custom Shop too. So no wonder the misleading publicity stunts and the outright lies.... Since 1999/2000 I have never bought anything more from them....and I adviced my friends accordingly. Guns are serious stuff. Trust is mandatory...