Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Last Demo...

One day at lunch during hunting season I was playing around with the X-Bolt, trying to figure out the exact problem with the ejection, and while working the bolt slowly it functioned perfectly.

The following video demonstrates this.

Browning no longer has a leg to stand on, the round should eject no matter the speed at which the bolt is worked.

I'll be calling Browning to discuss this latest development and will post when I have something new to report.


  1. I've got an A-Bolt that I'm quite happy with, but have been thinking about getting a new one. After watching these videos I will probably hold off on buying one for now and await further posts as to the outcome of this issue, thanks for taking the time to document all of this, Gary

  2. boy i always thought Brownings were quality firearms, and you say you got TWO that do this same thing? i will be sure to pass this info along to all the shooters i know

  3. what a POS, get yourself a savage or remington

  4. nice videos...

    please keep us posted

  5. Very interesting. How come Browning is not able to figure this out. I know there is no way I (and most hunters) would be able to work the bolt that SLOW! Ask Browning to post their own videos on here countering your claims. How about that Browning...prove him wrong! Anyway thanks for the update.

  6. Excellent documentation. There obviously is a flaw in the design involving the bolt (extractor/ejector) and the way it works with the DBM (detachable box magazine). Has Browning offered to take your gun and make it work properly or do anything for you??? If not, that is Very bad PR. In this day and age with competition for business as stiff as it is, this will hurt when more people get the word. I will tell every hunter/shooter I know about how this Browning product is faulty and when brought to their attention, the company won't back their product. I think the next step should be contacting or writing to Shooting Times and Gun's & Ammo so millions of their readers get informed.

    1. Shawn H. I am in total agreement with you....I have expiernced the same problems with my x bolt in .300 wsm...lets get the word out there, Browning should know better than that !